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A party platform is a set of guidelines that outline the policies and beliefs that a party seeks to implement. The platform is typically written by the leadership of the party that is made up of policy experts, committee heads and directors.


An online marketing platform is a software program or tool used by marketing employees or agencies to manage online marketing activities. Some tools center on inbound marketing activities, such as blogs and social media communication used to drive traffic to a company website or online business.


It is important to be polite because it puts other people at ease and helps build strong relationships. Politeness also helps decrease the social distance between two people, making it easier to communicate.


Build a twin platform bed using stock lumber by building a box from 2x4s, adding the legs, cleats and slats and finishing the bed. Predrill all screw holes to prevent splitting the wood. Larger beds require providing center support for the slats.


"Left 4 Dead" is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Xbox 360 platforms. Whereas Windows and Mac OS X users can download the game from Steam, Xbox 360 users must buy it in disc format.


To build a model train platform, cut and assemble the frame, cut and assemble the legs, attach the platform to the frame and the legs to the platform and add cross braces. Building a model train platform takes at least a whole day and requires one 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood, a miter saw, two 8-foo


A wave-cut platform is a coastal geological feature, formed when ocean waves erode the rock at the base of a cliff, leaving a protruding area at the top and a notched area below it. They are also referred to as abrasion platforms.


Two free options for peer-to-peer video and text chat among friends are ooVoo and Skype, which are available on Android and iOS devices in addition to Windows and Mac computers. TinyChat is a popular web-based chat platform where users can create, share or join chats for friends and strangers instan


Common means used by political candidates to promote their platform are websites, interviews, debates and events that put them in contact with members of the general public. The setting and type of audience often affects the content of a candidate's speech or what that candidate emphasizes.


A Japanese platform bed is a low-profile bed whose bottom sits closer to the ground than those of most other types of beds. Designed to be used without a box spring, it requires only a mattress.