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Political candidates need campaign offices to coordinate all the important aspects of their campaign. A campaign office acts as the headquarters of the candidate's campaign. A team of effective individuals who are at the center of the campaign strategies run the office.


WinYourCampaign.com provides a list of effective election slogans on its website, such as, "Save our schools," for school board elections and general slogans such as, "Citizen not politician." The site organizes these based on themes such as change, leadership, trust, experience and community-focus.


Personal issues that can ruin political campaigns include extramarital affairs, personal financial struggles, dishonesty and other various types of non-traditional behavior. Behavior not considered appropriate for an elected official is often brought up by a candidate's opponent as a way of question


Discover how much a political candidate spends on a federal election campaign by visiting the Federal Election Commission website and downloading a campaign finance report, as of 2015. Many states also operate their own financing report databases for local elections. Alternately, request reports thr


Information detailing political campaign contributions is online at the Federal Election Commission, Open Secrets and Campaign Finance Information Center. For state and local elections, each state keeps data on a website or available in print upon request. State organizations vary in the board, depa


A campaign manager coordinates all areas of a political campaign, including budget, technology, human resources, scheduling, marketing and fund raising. A campaign manager must possess good judgment and have excellent communication and organizational skills.


A promotional campaign is a sustained media presence intended to generate interest in a given product or company or to change the image of an existing product, service or corporate entity through branded and goal-oriented advertising, according to the website Marketing Schools. Promotional campaigns


Groups such as Campaign for Children, Children in Crisis, Child Rights Campaign and the International Child Campaign advocate for the rights of children, as of 2015. Many other organizations advocate for children’s rights, as well.


There are several key elements shared by good advertising campaigns. These elements include audience targeting, strong brand image, uniqueness, ad testing, target marketing, consistency, diversifying, ad monitoring, offering benefits, defining clear goals and managing the advertising budget wisely.


Politics plays a key role in establishing peace and collaboration within and between nations by establishing rules, regulations and setting standards for expected codes of conduct. Regardless of national origin, politics influence the daily lives of citizens from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races