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Some gift basket ideas are a breakfast basket, a grilling basket, a beach-themed basket, a wine and cheese basket or a basket filled with books or movies. Other basket ideas include a cookie basket, chocolate basket or sports basket.


Good ideas for gift baskets include themed arrangements, such as for gardening or for traveling. Food and wine themes also inspire good ideas for gift basket centerpieces.


Food is one of the easiest and most appreciated themes to use for a gift basket. Bake several batches of cookies, and package six or eight of each kind to include in the basket. If the recipient likes to bake, print a favorite recipe on a nice note card, and provide pre-measured bags holding all the


PioneerThinking.com suggests some good ideas for men's gift baskets, such as those related to fishing, movies, grilling or football. Include both food products and non-food related items to round out the baskets.


When building gift baskets, one of the most important things to consider is the recipients. If you know them, tailor it to their tastes. If you don't know them well, or are making the basket for a group, food and drink is often a safe bet.


Gift Tree, GroumetGiftBaskets.com, Harry & David and iGourmet are a few companies that sell unique gift baskets. Options for types of gift baskets include beer, pizza-making, gourmet popcorn and artisanal coffee baskets.


To make a movie themed gift basket, gather specific items that match the movie's theme and place them together in a large basket, then wrap with gift wrap and present to the receiver. Movie-themed gift baskets can be made for any movie.


Houdini food gift baskets include chocolate, cheese, gourmet crackers, peanuts, candied fruit, smoked salmon, tea, cheese sticks and more. Houdini offers several pre-made gift baskets, such as The Connoisseur, The Classic, V.I.P. and The Ritz. Some baskets contain a variety of chocolates, while othe


SuppliesForGiftBaskets.com and Nashville Wraps sell wholesale supplies for gift baskets. Other sources of these products include Creative Gift Packaging, Uline and Saksco Gourmet Basket Supplies.


Original retirement gift basket ideas can be found on DesignItYourselfGiftBaskets.com and Gift-And-Gift-Basket-Ideas.com. Both sites list unique gift baskets with detailed instructions for the contents and look.