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An idea a for quick and simple dessert is an ice cream sandwich cake, which combines ice cream with sundae toppings. This treat pleases adults and children alike, and can be customized to certain tastes. It requires minimal ingredients and preparation, and requires a 9-inch by 13-inch pan for baking


Some easy dessert ideas from Midwest Living include quick cherry crisp, pineapple upside-down cake and quick strawberry cheesecake. Quick cherry crisp is a combination of crumbled shortbread cookies and toasted pecans over cherries and served with ice cream. Pineapple upside-down cake sundae is pine


Some easy Christmas desserts include funfetti shortbread bites, gingerbread cheesecake dip and three-ingredient buttery shortbread cookies. To make gingerbread cheesecake dip, cream 1 8-ounce of softened cream cheese, and then mix in 1/4 cup each of brown sugar and sifted powdered sugar and 3 tables


Food Network has quick and easy-to-follow recipes for numerous Mexican desserts, including Mexican brownies and crullers. These two recipes take less than an hour to prepare and cook.


Some healthy dessert recipes are Rich Chocolate Pudding Pie, Pumpkin Pie Pudding and Banana Cream Pie Smoothies. Some other healthy desserts include Blueberry-Orange Parfaits, Chocolate-Cherry Heart Smart Cookies and Bourbon-Glazed Peaches with Yogurt.


There are several easy-to-make sugar-free desserts, including sugar free chocolate pudding, sugar free peanut butter fudge and caramelized sweet and salty and toasted cinnamon pumpkin seeds, which are all found on Easy-Sugar-Free-Recipes.com. In addition, Yummly.com offers recipes for chocolate croi


Some easy-to-make dessert recipes include quick cherry crisp, rocky road parfaits and butterscotch pretzel bars. To make quick cherry crisp, mix together 1/2 cup of sugar with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, and stir it into 4 cups of frozen red cherries. As the cherries cook on medium heat for 12 minut


Some easy dessert recipes include berries with coconut cream, raspberry fool, berry and ice cream shortcakes and fruity ice cream cups. Some easy dessert recipes that require baking include Nutella-swirled peanut butter chip blondies and flourless double-chocolate pecan cookies.


Cheesecake is a good dessert dish. It is easy to make at home using cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and a simple graham cracker crust.


An easy Polish recipe is Mike Knapik's Polish Smothered Chicken, which marinates chicken breasts with Italian dressing, garlic powder, oregano and basil before grilling with Cajun seasoning and bacon. The chicken is served on a layer of Portobello mushrooms and cream cheese and topped with sliced mu