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Pastries are divided into two main categories: non-laminated and laminated. Non-laminated pastries include pie and tart crust, brioche and Pâte à Choux. Laminated pastries include strudel, Danish, croissant, puff pastry and phyllo (sometimes spelled as fillo or filo).


After you select the fabric you want, be sure to prewash it before continuing with the rest of the steps. After sewing, clip the corners and press the seams. Reach through the opening in between the two cloths and turn the pastry cloth right side out. Iron the cloth once more to make for ideal prese


German manufacturer Fritsch makes a line of machines to suit the needs of a range of different pastry types. For example, Fritsch makes three types of cutting tables that are ideal for apple turnovers, croissants and Danish pastry products.


Some common cooking questions about pastry are: "What would be causing the bottom pastry of meat pies to crack?" "What flour should be used in making crepes?" and "What is the role of salt in bakery products?" These and more questions and answers are available on BakeInfo.co.nz and PastrySampler.com


Some of the popular baking and pastry courses include cupcake fundamentals, cake decorating principles, art of sugar decoration and bread baking. Cupcake fundamentals teach students to make the best cupcakes of different sizes, flavors and colors, according to Northern Alberta Institute of Technolog


Some well-known Mexican pastries are campechanas, conchas and the savory pastry empanadas. Other pastries include besos, marranitos, polvorones and cuernos. The common term used to describe all Mexican pastries is pan dulce.


Well-known cooking schools, such as the Culinary Institute of America, the International Culinary Center and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, offer baking and pastry programs. Depending on the program, completion of coursework can lead to a degree.


Some tips for taking baking and pastry classes include finding courses taught at culinary institutes, community colleges, vocational schools or four-year colleges. Individuals can also take classes online, such as those offered by King Arthur Flour, or at local stores, such as those found at Sur La


Cannoli and ciramisu are recipes for popular Italian pastries. The cannoli recipe, from All Recipes, yields 12 servings, while the tiramisu recipe, by Giada De Laurentiis yields 6 servings.


Some easy fruit pastry recipes include Kraft?s Beautifully Easy Fruit Tart and Betty Crocker?s Easy Fresh Fruit Tart. For Kraft?s recipe, preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Unroll 1 sheet of thawed frozen puff pastry onto a baking sheet.