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Polish cuisine prides itself in hearty and comforting dishes, and bigos–a traditional Polish stew–is one of the classic representatives of their culinary tradition. Also known as hunter’s stew , bigos is highly versatile, and any meat can be used in its preparation.


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Both Polish food and culture have a rich history, with the cuisine being counted among the most popular continental foods in the world. This is again a fresh list for all you food lovers out there, to get introduced to a few of the most authentic dishes from Poland. 1. Pierogi – A Vegetarian or […]


Polish pork goulash does not have much in common with the Hungarian national dish – you can say it is a dish sui generis, which took root in everyday Polish kitchens in the second half of the twentieth century (although goulash closer to the original Hungarian version can be found in old Polish cookbooks).


A common Polish appetizer, snack and an indispensable element of the Polish Easter breakfast, aspic is a dish that has long been a part of Polish cuisine. READ MORE. BAKED POTATO WITH COTTAGE CHEESE (PYRA Z GZIKIEM) One of the most iconic recipes is a quick baked potato dish with a farmer’s cheese topping called “Pyra z Gzikiem.” It’s a ...


Grilled, roasted or fried — however it's cooked, we can't get enough of this smoky Polish sausage. When planning your next meal, add some kielbasa to the mix with one of these tasty recipes.


Kielbasa, Pierogi - Polish Food Online Welcome to ordering Polish food online! We are dedicated to deliver the best Polish food products directly to your table. In our Polish online deli you will find the most famous Polish sausages including: Kabanosy, Garlic Sausage, Kielbasa Krakowska, Kielbasa Krajana, Easter Sausage (Biala Kielbasa) and traditional cold cuts.


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#polish cuisine #polish christmas. In Poland, Christmas Eve dinner is the one of most important celebrations of the year. Although this meal is reserved for the closest family, it's customary to set an extra plate and seat for an unexpected guest, or even a vagrant.