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Some simple desserts include strawberry ice cream sandwiches, cottage cheese fluff and peanut butter cookies. To make the ice cream sandwiches, simply scoop strawberry ice cream between 2 crisp cookies, such as gingerbread or shortbread, and then squeeze them together to form the sandwich.


An idea a for quick and simple dessert is an ice cream sandwich cake, which combines ice cream with sundae toppings. This treat pleases adults and children alike, and can be customized to certain tastes. It requires minimal ingredients and preparation, and requires a 9-inch by 13-inch pan for baking


Some easy dessert ideas from Midwest Living include quick cherry crisp, pineapple upside-down cake and quick strawberry cheesecake. Quick cherry crisp is a combination of crumbled shortbread cookies and toasted pecans over cherries and served with ice cream. Pineapple upside-down cake sundae is pine


Some simple French desserts include Betty Crocker's chocolate hazelnut meringues and AllRecipes.com's chocolate mousse. Both recipes use very few ingredients and take minimal time to prepare.


Some popular Spanish desserts include turron, which is an almond candy, flan and polvorones, or almond cookies. Other desserts from Spain are mantecados, or Spanish crumble cakes, and catalan cream, a Spanish version of creme brulee.


Simple Italian desserts include Italian anise cookies, tiramisu, biscotti, neapolitan honey balls and strawberry panna cotta. Strawberry cannoli also require just a few ingredients such as ricotta cheese, cream cheese, confectioner's sugar and almond extract and take only a few moments of preparatio


Greek and Greek-inspired desserts range from simple Greek butter cookies to the more famous baklava and finikia. Baklava is probably the most famous of Greek desserts. This delicate pastry is made with phyllo dough, nuts and cinnamon, and then covered in a honey syrup after baking. Phyllo dough, a s


Popular Polish dishes include pierogi, a type of dumpling, golabki, stuffed cabbage rolls, bigos, a meat and cabbage stew, and kotlet schabowy, a breaded cutlet. Polish cuisine also features such popular deserts and pastries as paczki, a type of donut, and makowiec, a poppy seed cake.


Polish people make cereal grains such as buckwheat, rye, wheat and barley into dumplings, noodles and breads, which are often served alongside soups, meats and boiled or pickled vegetables. Polish food tends to be hearty and often contains eggs and cream. Cabbage, pork, chicken and beef are featured


Good Irish desserts include traditional recipes such as Donegal Oatmeal Cream and Carrigaline Whiskey Pie. Popular modern desserts such as Guinness and Chocolate Cheesecake and Luck o' the Irish Brownies often feature in St Patrick's Day celebrations.