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Homicide photos are photographs taken of the alleged victim of a homicide and the scene of the death; graphic homicide photos are those that contain blood, gore or other potentially disturbing content. Homicide photos are often used as evidence in court cases.


Police departments publicize a number of documents in relation to recent homicides. These include photographs, 911 tapes and transcripts, and autopsy reports. The nature of information that can be publicized often depends on the state laws and specific circumstances of the case, indicates the OLR Re


Most police departments require homicide detectives to hold a college degree in criminal justice or law in addition to passing a police officer training program. Many departments require homicide detective candidates to pass a general detectives' examination. While the majority of police departments


"Homicide" is a 1991 movie written and directed by David Mamet. It was produced by Andy Armstrong, Matthew Carlisle, Michael Hausman, Edward R. Pressman and Ron Rotholz. It was created by Edward R. Pressman Film, Cinehaus and Bison Films.


There are no universal educational requirements for homicide detectives. Each law enforcement organization determines its own set of hiring requirements; some departments accept applicants with only a high school diploma, while others look for candidates with college experience.


The areas of Indiana with the highest homicide rates are the cites of Gary, Clarksville, Indianapolis and East Chicago, based on Federal Bureau of Investigation crime statistics on Indiana from 2013. In 2013, there were 54 homicides in the city of Gary, Indiana. Based on its population, the per capi


The sentence for negligent homicide depends on several factors. The sentence also differs from state to state. According to FreeAdvice, the maximum sentence in Alaska is ten years. In Texas, it ranges from 180 days to two years. Overall, the sentence in most states is six months to 15 years.


As written in Title XLVI, Chapter 782 of Florida's state law covers homicide, as noted by The Florida Senate. The section reads what terms the unlawful killing of a human being is defined by while covering the punishment and severity of such crimes.


In 2012, there were 45 murders or non-negligent homicides in Iowa. That was up one from 2011 levels, according to the Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics tool.


The police are working hard on crime prevention in Illinois, reports the Illinois Crime Prevention Association. In 2014, the association commended Peter Kinsey, chief of the Lincolnshire Police Department, and Officer Joel Vargas and Police Chief Frank Kosman of the Bensenville Police Department for