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Police Photography is an essential task for crime scene documentation, yet is rarely mastered. Investigators tend to rely on the camera’s auto mode with little thought given to what that entails. Investigators tend to rely on the camera’s auto mode with little thought given to what that entails.


Join James Ellroy as he handpicks his favorite crime scene shots from the LAPD archives in LAPD '53. ... Photo Credit: Abrams Image/Los Angeles Police Museum; The body of a possible murder victim. Photo Credit: ...


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Crime scene photography is a branch of the field of photography which is focused on taking accurate photographs of crime scenes and criminal evidence, so that these photographs can be used in the investigation of crimes and in the prosecution of criminal activity.Some police departments and law enforcement agencies retain professional crime scene photographers who have received special ...


A crime scene photograph can tell a lot of stories. For example, if the crime happened at a house, a good crime scene photograph will not only give investigators an accurate record of what happened, such as where the body was found or where the murder weapon was located, but also clues into how the victim or the suspect lived, and what his or her personality was.


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The following are crime scene photos from the attack on Marti Hill. She lived to tell her tale of survival. Editors note: This gallery includes bloody images of the crime scene and images of Marti ...


The Jonestown Massacre is the mass suicide of men, women and children alike propagated by the cult’s infamous leader Jim Jones. 918 people was the total death toll of the massacre in Guyana, on November 18 th, 1978.Jim Jones started his cult like they all do, seemingly harmless at first the People’s Temple was a Bay Area church that gained a little popularity in the 70’s for advocating ...


for!crime!scene!photography!is!to!thoroughly!document!the!entire!scene,!the! evidence,!and!anyareas!of!special!significanceto!theinvestigation.! Why and when is crime scene


Police Bicycle Patrol #3358 Crisis Intervention Training #1850 (FULL) Field Training Officer #3722 Crime Scene Search ICC #2106 Stop the Bleed #3830 Emergency Vehicle Operations #2046 TASER #3344 (KISD Only) Spanish for Law Enforcement #2109 ...