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According to Super Cheats, there are no conventionally entered cheat codes for "Pokémon Emerald." However, the ROM of the game, when played in most conventional emulators, allows players to enter GameShark cheat codes to affect different parameters of the game. When entering the following cheat code


Rare candies are found in the following areas in “Pokemon Emerald:” Route 108, Route 110, Route 111, Route 119, Route 120, Route 123, Route 127, Route 132, the Safari Zone, Shoal Cave and Mt. Pyre. In the Pokemon games, rare candies are classified as vitamins and cause Pokemon to grow one level. The


The Versus Seeker is an item in certain Pokémon games that allows the player to re-battle opponents that he has already defeated. It is not obtainable in Pokémon Emerald because it does not appear in the game; however, there is a way to re-battle trainers in the game. The player can call trainers th


The Berry Master is found on Route 123 in Hoenn, at the far western end of the route close to where it connects with Route 118. His house can be identified by the 12 soft soil patches outside that can be used to plant berries.


To play Pokémon Emerald online, one must have an emulator of the original game. Various sites offer emulators and also feature other retro games available for play.


The Gameshark code to obtain the Rare Candy item in Pokemon Emerald is 82005274 0044. Entering this code will add Rare Candy to the player's inventory. The master code for Pokemon Emerald must be entered before other any Gameshark codes will work.


After defeating the gym leader Brawly, the player must head north on Route 106, search for Steven and deliver the letter and to obtain TM47 Steel Wing. Along the way, the player will battle two fisherman, then speak to a hiker in front of a cave to obtain HM05 Flash. The player must teach the HM05 t


To use the Mystery Gift feature in "Pokemon Emerald," move to and activate the clipboard found at any Poké Mart and enter the phrase "link together with all." The shopkeeper then informs you that the Mystery Gift system has been activated.


The mystic ticket was available only at some selected Nintendo events during the time when the Emerald version of Pokemon was released in the United States. Gamers had to attend one of these events to get a ticket.


According to IGN, the only official way to get the Mystic Ticket is to attend a Nintendo special event where you can download the ticket or receive a code for it. After the item is downloaded, the Mystic Ticket appears in your inventory.