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The Pokémon National Pokédex contains a total of 719 Pokémon as of 2014. This total includes all Pokémon and their evolutions from Generation I through Generation VI. The total number of Pokémon needed to complete any particular Pokédex depends on which generation game is being played.


The official Pokemon Pokedex is an encyclopedia and guidebook that contains information about all of the different types of Pokemon featured in the games and television show. Pokemon each have a unique number, which is how they are organized within the Pokedex.


The first Pokédex in Pokémon Pearl is a native Sinnoh version of the Pokédex and features an incomplete list of 151 Pokémon native to the region. This initial list includes the region's starting Pokémon as well as their respective evolutions, but it is missing some Pokémon from the generation.


Filling in the Pokédex in "Pokémon FireRed" requires collecting all the regular in-game Pokémon, all the legendary Pokémon and certain other Pokémon that can only be acquired by trading with other players. According to strategy site Bulbapedia, many Pokémon are only found in the LeafGreen version of


Completing the Pokédex warrants various rewards from one generation to another, based on completing the regional and national Pokédexes. This varies from no reward to getting useful items. In all games, you get congratulations and a diploma from the game director for capturing all available Pokémon.


While there can be no definitive "best" team in Pokémon, there are tier lists that rank the best Pokémon in each generation based on their stats, effectiveness in battle and ranking against other Pokémon. Due to new moves, new Pokémon and new type match ups in every generation, these tiers change in


A player can walk through walls in the Pokemon Emerald game by using action replay codes. Action replay codes for Pokemon Emerald are available for the Gameboy Advance platform.


It is impossible to get to the moon on Pokemon Emerald version because it is not part of the gameplay or a side quest. Although there is a place called Space Center in Mossdeep City, it does not function as a means of going to the moon.


The Old Sea Map is an item that was only officially released in Japan during an event called the Pokemon Festa. Like many other Pokemon items, this item was never released internationally. The only way to access it in non-Japanese versions of “Pokemon Emerald” is to use a cheating device, such as Ac


You can capture Mewtwo in "Pokémon FireRed" and trade it to your "Pokémon Emerald" Game. In "Pokémon FireRed," Mewtwo can be found in the Unknown Dungeon (also called the Cerulean Cave) and is one of the strongest Pokémon in the game.