Ficus trees are toxic to dogs according to the ASPCA. Ingestion causes stomach irritation and vomiting. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

There are certain types of pine trees that can cause digestive problems with dogs. There are still other varieties of pine trees that have caused death in cattle and other animals. A certian evergreen is potentially fata... More »

Mango seeds are not poisonous; however, the stem, skin and leaves of mangoes can cause skin irritation in people who are sensitive. People who have had contact dermatitis caused by urushiol, which is found in poison oak ... More »

Ficus trees are considered toxic. However, the severity of toxicity is mild and typically cause reactions, such as itching or rash. More »

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), certain parts of hydrangea plants are particularly toxic to dogs. The buds, flowers and leaves are highly toxic and, in extreme cases, c... More »

American chestnuts are not poisonous to dogs, according to the ASPCA. The Daily Puppy warns an unrelated plant called the horse chestnut is considered toxic to dogs and other animals when consumed in large quantities. More »

The ASPCA educates that grapes and raisins are fruits that are toxic to dogs. Avocado and moldy fruits can also be toxic to dogs. The website DogHeirs says that particular types of fruit seeds and pits are toxic to dogs ... More »