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What Is a Point Load? In the field of engineering, a point load is a load applied to a single, specific point on a structural member. It is also known as a concentrated load, and an example of it would be a hammer hitting a single nail into a beam.


Look for load transfer points So, when you’re out on the job at a framing inspection, start with the roof and look for load transfer points. Sometimes you will find loads transferred from one point to another through beams. (See Figure 2, at left.) This practice only concentrates loads.


What is Point Load? Definition of Point Load in Construction An established load ( force ), located at a certain point on a supporting structure. This is opposite a uniform load, which is a force evenly distributed along a supportive structure. The bottom of a column presents a point load on a structure.


With headers, beams, girders and the like, a house is full of point loads. A point load is an area where the structure is transferred vertically to the foundation, a horizontal beam, or a bearing wall. These vertical loads are typically picked up by studs or steel columns. Try this - walk into a garage under frame and look at the Garage header.


Chapter 3 – Design Loads for Residential Buildings It should also be noted that the wind load factor of 1.5 in Table 3.1 used for load and resistant factor design is consistent with traditional wind design


homes •When structural elements are in question, please contact a registered professional engineer to determine its integrity and safety •Please refer to our other presentations for additional information located at: www.structural-design-solutions.com. Title: Residential Design Loads


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Point loads distribute weight differently than when using joists that distribute the load evenly across the length of a beam. Unsupported beam-to-beam connections are only acceptable when used in circumstances where the beam will only be carrying a very small load such as attaching a small stair landing.


Home > Publications > Articles > Calculating Loads on Headers and Beams. ... The exterior wall (and the headers within) will carry all loads from the mid-point of the house (between the supporting walls) to the outside of the house (including the roof overhang). The distance in this case is 12 ft+ 2 ft = 14 ft. So, each lineal foot of wall must ...