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According to WebMD, daffodils should not be eaten. Ingesting daffodils can cause a number of severe side effects, including chills, fainting, diarrhea and vomiting severe enough to require hospitalization.


The poem "Daffodils" (or "I wandered lonely as a cloud") by William Wordsworth is, superficially, about the beauty and bliss of the sight of daffodils. On a deeper level, it can be interpreted as a celebration of the oneness that exists between human beings and the natural world. It is one of Wordsw


Plant daffodil bulbs in the fall, at least 2 to 4 weeks before the ground freezes. In most regions, this means planting in September or early October. Daffodils bloom in the late winter or early spring.


Daffodils symbolize rebirth as well as a new beginning, especially in cold climates after a long winter. They are also used in religious ceremonies and bouquets to represent these concepts.


Daffodil flower stalks should be cut after flowering, while all foliage should be left until it dies. Leaving the foliage on the plant nourishes the bulbs for the next growing season.


Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings because of their early spring appearance. The yellow flowers are also associated with Easter and as such are symbolic of Christ's Resurrection.


To plant daffodils, choose a sunny spot with fertile soil, plant in the fall, plant bulbs deeply with proper spacing, and cover the bulbs with mulch. Daffodils prefer acidic soil with good drainage.


Poems about Jesus that are intended or appropriate for children include "Good Enough," "Pray Today" and "Footprints." Poems and songs can be effective ways to teach the gospel to children of all ages.


Examples of famous poems for children include "Paul Bunyan" by Shel Silverstein, "The Tyger" by William Blake and "Friends" by Abby Farwell Brown. Other examples are "Teddy Bear" by A.A. Milne and "The Mountain and the Squirrel" by Ralph Waldo Emerson.


"The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus" is a funny Christmas poem by the American author and humorist Ogden Nash. The poem tells the story of naughty boy named Jabez Dawes who creates mischief at Christmas by telling everybody that Santa Claus does not exist.