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Some funny famous poems include: "A Boy Named Sue" by Shel Silverstein, "The Pig" by Roald Dahl, "How doth the little crocodile..." by Lewis Carroll, "The Spider and the Fly" by Mary Howittand and "To A Mouse" by Robert Burns. These are some of the most popular funny poems.


Some really funny poems include "Today The Teacher Farted" by Emma Briody and "Brain Food" by Irwin Mercer. Other funny poems include "Taxi Taxi" by Misty Elizabeth Bennett, "The Cafe" by David Bloomfield and "If Four is a Party This is a Parade" by James Guerin.


Some "get well" poems that are funny are "Cheer Up" and "Get Well Real Soon" by Anita Poems and "Whenever You Are in Pain and Agony" from Wishes Messages. The verses send a "get well soon" message with a little humor alongside it.


Some funny school poems include "Homework Stew" by Kenn Nesbitt, "My Dog Chewed Up My Homework" and "There's a New Cook in the Cafeteria" by Bruce Lansky, and "I Brought My Grandma's Teeth to School" by Robert Pottle. Other popular authors of funny school poems include Ted Scheu and Eric Ode.


Some funny, short poems are "A Crime Scene" by Albert Van Hoogmoed and "The Pig" by Roald Dahl. "A Crime Scene" tells the story of two law-enforcement officers investigating a curious crime scene, and "The Pig" tells a story of a pig who eats the farmer before the farmer can eat him. Another funny,


Funny poems for kids include "The Adventures of Isabel," by Ogden Nash and "The Dentist and the Crocodile," by Roald Dahl. "Mrs. Mitchell’s Underwear," by Dennis Lee, "Gas," by C.K. Williams and "Daddy Fell Into the Pond," by Alfred Noyes are additional funny poems for children.


Funny Christmas poems include "Christmas Cheer," "A Politically Correct Christmas Poem" and "Neath Mistletoe." These poems are meant to highlight the lighter side of Christmas.


"The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus" is a funny Christmas poem by the American author and humorist Ogden Nash. The poem tells the story of naughty boy named Jabez Dawes who creates mischief at Christmas by telling everybody that Santa Claus does not exist.


An untitled poem beginning with the line "Thank you for tolerating / My occasional mistake..." is a funny boss-themed poem. The poem is found on allbestmessages.com, under "Boss Day Poems."


Some examples of funny short poems for weddings that combine humor and romance include "A Word To Husbands," "Let Me Put It This Way," "Your Personal Penguin" and "I Wanna Be Yours." These poems mix unusual perspectives or imagery with affectionate statements, contemplating marriage from a funny per