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Peter Henlein (also named Henle or Hele) (1485 - August 1542), a locksmith and clockmaker of Nuremberg, Germany is the inventor of the world's first watch. He was the first craftsmen to make small ornamental watches which were often worn as pendants or attached to clothing , known as pomander watches, which are regarded as the first watches in history of timekeeping.


Even though he was not the original creator of clock mechanisms, Peter Henlein is today regarded as the father of the modern age of clocks. Read about his 1510 invention of small pocket watch.


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The history of technology’s great inventions was increasingly regarded as a national asset in the 19th century, and this also led to the search for the oldest Nuremberg watches. The first to attribute the invention of the pocket watch to Peter Henlein was Johann Gabriel Doppelmayer, a professor of mathematics from Nuremberg.


Nowadays, pocket watches aren't anything to write home about... but this wasn't always the case. Learn how locksmiths like Peter Henlein miniaturized the dubious clocks of the day to create ...


Invented by : Peter Henlein Invented in year : 1504. A Pocket Watch is a watch which is made to be carried in a pocket. They were the most common type of watch in the 16th century. A pocket watch may have a visible bezel, or it can be encased, usually in a metallic cover of silver or gold.


History of pocket watches started in early late 1400s and early 1500s when mechanical engineering reached the state when simple spring devices could be made. By using the invention of mainspring, German inventor Peter Henlein was finally able to create watches that did not require falling weights as the source of their power. This invention ...


It’s a story that could have come out of a thriller novel, and it's about the oldest known watch in the world, which was made in 1505 by Peter Henlein. The Pomander Watch ('Bisamapfeluhr'), as it is known, was confirmed by committee of experts as having been the work of Peter Henlein in 1505.


German TV channel WDR broadcast this report of the world's oldest known portable watch. It is called the Pomander Watch by Peter Henlein and it dates from 1505. For more please visit http ...


The name Peter Henlein will live on as long as people continue using pocket watches. Today many people use wrist watches instead of pocket watches, but the concept is still there. Now there are smart watches, which are much more that just watches because you can play music