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The Camp Chef 10L portable water heater has received high ratings on Amazon.com as a cost-effective and efficient device, according to the Best Water Heater Reviews website. This portable water heater delivers 2.6 gallons of hot water per minute and has four distinct settings used for the shower hea


To choose a portable heater, consider which type is best for you, review the safety features, consider the location and size, and purchase a heater with a fan. It is important that you do not leave a running electric heater unattended.


The best portable heaters for emergencies are small propane and kerosene heaters. A gas catalytic heater is another effective option for portable heating. Adequate ventilation and air supply must be considered when using any of these heat sources.


Basic portable heater are available for rent at most local equipment rental stores. Special event rental stores sometimes offer a wider variety of heater sizes and styles for weddings and other special occasions. Rent-to-own stores also offer portable heaters.


An All-Pro portable heater is a relatively small movable heater that typically runs on kerosene or propane. All-Pro portable heaters are available in convection, forced-air kerosene, forced-air propane and infrared tank-top models.


Some of the best large-size portable heaters of 2014 include the Dr. Heater DR986, Lasko 760000 and Vornado AVH2, according to Bestcovery. These heaters are useful for heating living rooms, basements, dining rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms or any other large space.


Some of the best portable space heaters of 2015 include the Lasko 754200 and the Vornado ATH1, according to The Sweet Home. These compact models receive strong reviews for their functionality and ease of use.


Consumers can purchase portable electric heaters from The Home Depot and Lowe's. Each retailer sells a variety of portable electric heaters, with models available for both indoor and outdoor use.


Good portable room heaters are sold at various home furnishing stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. and specialty retailers such as Best Buy Co. They can also be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon.com.


First, use a voltage regulator to determine if the problem is coming from the circuitry or resistors or the heating coil. Once the problem area has been pinpointed, replace the damaged components, and test the heater again to see if it is functioning correctly.