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People who will benefit from this study on the effect of music on plant growth? There are many I think and to start with are people who want to see better plants in their private garden, plantation owners who want to see an increase in the fruit/plant yield (see example above on the vineyard in Italy), researchers who will recommend a new ...


We’ve all heard that playing music for plants helps them grow faster. So, can music accelerate plant growth, or this just another urban legend? Can plants really hear sounds? Do they actually like music? Read on to learn what experts have to say about the effects of music on plant growth. Believe ...


What Music-Playing Plants Can Teach Us About Consciousness The Music of the Plants project, created by a spiritual eco-community, investigates how humans can live more consciously and harmoniously ...


Music And Plants Colorado. Dorothy Retallack did many controlled greenhouse experiments with different genres of music and plants. She found after 2 weeks, plants physically leaned 15 to 20 degrees towards a radio playing classical and jazz music, while they scramble to grow away from rock music and become sick.


The plants entwined the speakers playing Hayden, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, Vivaldi, Mahler, Bach and Indian classical music or Ragas or Vedic music. The plants grow better, large, uniform and lush green with healthy stems in such soft music.


Playing plants music to help them grow is an idea that first gained popularity in the 1970's after the publication of the book: The Sound of Music and Plants, by Dorothy Retallack in 1973. Retallack did various experiments in order to find out the effect of what happens if you play plants music.


Playing music for your plants may seem like a strange thing to do, but research suggests that any sound, including music, helps boost plant growth. Vibrations from sound waves seem to stimulate growth factors. In addition, sounds may not just impact growth; evolution may have given plants "ears" so they can ...


Plants Play is a wearable device that allows you to listen to the Music generated by Plants and Trees. Through two electrodes settled on the leaves, Plants P...


Music of the Plants has taken this research into plant intelligence and plant perception to another level. By deciphering and registering the impulses and interactions of plants, they have developed a device that uses a MIDI interface to transform the impedance from a leaf to the root system of a plant into music.