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To play Pokémon Emerald online, one must have an emulator of the original game. Various sites offer emulators and also feature other retro games available for play.


You cannot play Pokémon Ruby online. The game was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003, and the console did not have online functionality at that time. A wireless adapter was released in 2004, but Pokémon Ruby does not support this hardware.


Play the online version of “Pokemon Silver” on websites that offer online emulation, such as PlayR.com. This website features an online emulator that lets people play GameBoy games without having to download anything. Also available on this site are other Pokemon games such as “Pokemon Red.”


Pokémon offers an online version of the trading card game on its official website. The free download comes with four free online theme decks and offers single player and multi-player options.


While there can be no definitive "best" team in Pokémon, there are tier lists that rank the best Pokémon in each generation based on their stats, effectiveness in battle and ranking against other Pokémon. Due to new moves, new Pokémon and new type match ups in every generation, these tiers change in


It is impossible to get to the moon on Pokemon Emerald version because it is not part of the gameplay or a side quest. Although there is a place called Space Center in Mossdeep City, it does not function as a means of going to the moon.


To get surf in “Pokemon Emerald,” the player needs to talk to Wally's uncle after beating the gym in Petalburg City. The location of Wally's uncle is northwest of Wally's house, which is located to the left of the gym.


A player can walk through walls in the Pokemon Emerald game by using action replay codes. Action replay codes for Pokemon Emerald are available for the Gameboy Advance platform.


"Pokemon Tower Defense" is available to play on online at AGame.com, Newgrounds.com, Mad.com and SilverGames.com. "Pokemon Tower Defense" is a hybrid between classic tower defense games and the role-playing Pokemon games. Players capture, battle and level up the original 151 Pokemon while using a to


The time it takes to get a Pokémon egg from breeding varies based on trainer numbers and the specific type of Pokémon being bred. Check back at the day care on Route 117 every 256 steps to see if an egg has been produced.