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You also get 2 Steam keys for Dino Run DX. $15: Insider All above rewards, $30 worth of in-game credit, and access to the funders-only channels of our Discord server, where we spill even more beans about process and progress. Also includes 2 Dino Run DX Steam Keys and your choice of a single older Pixeljam game (see the list below). $25 ...


Discord Server Access (guaranteed) - at $15+, you get access to the backer-only channels of our very active discord server and join the conversation with fellow players, and the devs making Dino Run 2. You also get your choice of 1 Pixeljam game besides Dino Run DX (see the choices below in the 35$ tier).


Dino Run 2, the sequel to Pixeljam Games' side-scrolling extinction platformer, Dino Run. Dino Run 2 was slated to be an upgraded, fresh game for the Dino Run franchise, with randomly generated levels, multiple dino characters to choose from and multiplayer options, set to launch in January for PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya.


This tier gets you access to all of our blog posts about the development of Dino Run 2.. It also gets you early playables as they are ready, as well as 2X your total contribution as in-game credit for the final game. This also includes peeks at upcoming game features, level designs, or exclusive retrospectives on things we have already created, which is a lot.


In Dino Run 2, the thrill of running for your life becomes even more intense. Run, dodge and jump perfectly in order to escape the deadly monster creature right behind you to devour you. Dino Run 2 online. Free dinosaur games, run and jump games Adventure games at GamesOnly.com.


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I'll be creating the game in HTML5, with no dependency on the codebase for the larger Dino Run 2 project, which is in Unity. This will allow me to iterate on it much quicker and therefore get it into your hands much sooner :) That's all for now! Thanks for reading, Miles @ Pixeljam


Pixeljam Company Press Kit. Here you are at the Pixeljam company Press Page. You will find any company-specific info you might need about Pixeljam, links to our project’s press pages, company logos & icons, et cetera.


The good folks at Pixeljam are at it again! Pixeljam is currently running a Kickstarter to fund the production of Dino Run 2, the sequel to the smash hit Dino Run. I have spoken about Pixeljam here on the blog before, and I can not speak highly enough about them and their work. I have known Miles and Rich since college and they do great work and make fun games.