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Over Greece's glamorous history, many plants have been introduced to Greece and have become a recognized part of Greece's landscape. Many plants are rooted deep in Greek mythology. Greece also hosts some of Europe's largest and scariest animals--both on land and in the sea.


Endemic plant genera include Jankaea (Greek Flora), Hymenonema (Greek Flora), Petromarula (Greek Flora), Ormosolenia (Greek Flora), Thamnosciadium (Greek Flora) , Phitosia (Cichorieae Portal), Horstrissea (Greek Flora), and the recently described Graecobolanthus (Greek Flora). Greece is included in the Mediterranean Basin biodiversity hotspot .


Greece has a wide variety of animals and plants, both in the sea and on land. On the following pages you will be able to read about a selection of the country's flora and fauna. Where possible, I have also added certain myths and anecdotes surrounding these species.


Migratory birds and marine animals come to Greece during the spring and fall migration seasons from Europe and Africa. The climate and topography of Greece varies widely, which in turn dictates the types of plants and animals living in certain areas. Greece contains mountain ranges, flatlands and coastal areas.


Herbs of Greece. Plants that are especially oily or aromatic have the advantage of tasting too strongly for most animals to want to eat, yet they are perfect for being ground up and used for cooking. Greek cooking is known for the use of herbs endemic to Greece, such as oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender and a type of curry plant.


Domestic animals. However, the most characteristic animals in Greece are the goat, sheep and cows. These domestic animals can be seen very frequently in the Greek countryside, mostly in the mountains. It is a common experience to drive in the mountain roads and see sheep flocks getting on your way.


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Page about the animals in Greece, lists the different species grouped by order in Greece. Custom Search Animals in Greece. Greece has 13,678 km of coastline, between 1200 and 6000 islands, and is eighty percent covered is either hills or mountains. As you might expect, this diverse geography is home to quite an assortment of animal life.


Rare Plants and Animals of Crete: Apart from its many historic sights and tourist attractions, Crete provides also various activities such as diving and trekking, bringing a new natural side to its visitors. Giving visitors a chance to get lost in its natural beauty, Crete has an abundance of exotic plants and animals, wild forests, deep ravines, rare plants and flowers.