NounsStarting lists many nouns that begin with the letter "A," such as adobe, afghan, albacore, anomaly and asparagus. The list of nouns is in alphabetical order, and is further divided according to category, such as Ani... More » Education

Some nouns that begin with the letter "i" are ivory, island, iron, ice and idea. Other nouns that begin with "i" are idiot, idol, illustration, imagination and ink. More »

Some commonly used words that begin with the letter "m" are "magazine," "map," "magic," "music," "majority" and "machine," which are all nouns. Verbs that begin with this letter include "make," "march" and "manage," and ... More » Education

Some things that start with the letter "I" include common nouns such as iceberg, inkwell and invention and abstract nouns such as identity, integrity and inspiration. Other "I" words include adjectives such as idiotic, i... More »

The most common nouns in English are words referring to categories of time, general concepts such as "way," and some human beings. These nouns are among the top 10 most used, according to Linguasorb. More » Education

Some common suffixes include "-ness," which communicates a state of being by changing adjectives such as "clever" and "full" to the nouns "cleverness" and "fullness; and "-ize," which implies a process of becoming, as "c... More » Education

Some ideas for noun and pronoun worksheets include cut and glue sheets, fill in the sentence, organize nouns by type and pluralizing nouns worksheets. Teachers can find simple worksheets to use via sites such as Have Fun... More » Education