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Place the rows of muskmelons and honeydews 6 to 8 feet apart, rows of irrigated watermelons 10 to 12 feet apart, and rows of un-irrigated watermelons 12 to 16 feet apart. Planting . Melons are warm-season crops and are easily injured by frost. Do not plant seeds until the soil warms in the spring and all danger of frost is past.


Amend soil with aged manure, seaweed, and/or compost before planting. Watermelons are heavy feeders. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting. Watermelons prefer a soil pH between 6 and 6.8. Growing the vines in raised rows, known as hills, ensures good drainage and will hold the sun’s heat longer.


Watermelons are even more popular overseas, in such places as Asia, China, Turkey, Korea and the Middle East, with Egypt and Iran leading. This web site therefore will be solely dedicated to watermelons and the research conducted by Texas A&M University and its sytem counterparts, Texas AgriLife Extension and Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.


Watermelon Production: Texas ranks 3rd in U.S. production. Cash receipts exceed $50 million. Statewide economic impacts exceed $160 million. Watermelons are the state’s largest annual horticultural crop. Over 42,000 acres are grown throughout Texas in over 100 counties. Grower/shippers coordinate sales into large metro areas and out-of-state ...


According to the Watermelon.org, the United States ranks fourth in production of watermelons. Out of the 44 states that produce watermelons, Texas is one of only five states that consistently leads watermelon production in the U.S. There are four categories of watermelons: picnic, icebox, seedless and yellow flesh.


Planting Times. In warmer climates, like Texas and the hotter areas of California, planting time for watermelons is December through early July, although April through July is more common.


All About Watermelons. Can I Grow Watermelons? Every gardener should plant a hill or two of watermelons as they are easy to grow and, oh so good on sultry summer afternoons. Try a small variety such as an eight-pound 'Seedless Big Tast Hybrid' that will fit in the refrigerator easily, or go for the glory and sow watermelon seeds for a whopper ...


North Texas farmer cracks secret watermelon code ... What watermelons need in Texas is the opposite of ... To plant a watermelon in a way that protects it from flooding is about as necessary as ...


You can always continue to call watermelon a fruit in the privacy of your own home (I think). Whatever you want to call them, here's how to grow your watermelons super sweet. The first thing you need to know about watermelons is that if you can possibly swing it, plant them in situ.That is, plant watermelon seeds directly into their permanent bed.


Sweet, juicy homegrown watermelons capture the magic of summer with explosive taste that puts store-bought melons to shame. Like their cantaloupe cousins, watermelons demand 2 to 3 months of heat to produce ripe fruit, which makes growing watermelons in northern regions challenging, but not ...