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Timing. Mums are shallow-rooted, which makes them easy to move into your garden. While there's no specific calendar date, such as the start of frost, that limits how late you can plant a mum, take ...


Whether you're planting a mum plant or growing the plants from seeds, you should begin the process in the late spring if you plan on keeping the mums outside. This is true even if you're planning on growing the mums in the house and transplanting them later, since the plants have to have enough root material to survive the winter.


Plant mums in fertile, moist, well-drained soil, as the soil warms in the spring. Mums generally prefer full sun, but they will tolerate some light shade and may actually prefer some shelter in very warm climates.


Florist mums are large-flower plants with many possible bloom forms, from quilled to pompon to spider and more. Grown in greenhouses and used only as indoor plants, florist mums produce few, if any, underground stolens, which are necessary if the mum is to survive cold weather.


October is one of my favorite months because I am one of those Halloween people. It’s like being a Christmas person who puts reindeer on the lawn and outlines the ... Planting. Plant mums in a ...


Growing Mums from Cuttings. You can also try propagating your mums. The steps are the same as shown here with hydrangea cuttings. Take a new, green cutting with several sets of leaves, cutting just below a set of leaves. Remove any flowers. Remove lower leaves, keep top leaves. Dip base of stem in rooting hormone and plant in moist potting mix.


Planting Belgian Mum Assorted Early October Liners. Plant deep so the top of our ellepot is slightly below the soil level in your container. It is especially hard to plant deep in a growing media with a high content of pine bark. Slow down the transplant line, and do it right.


Potted chrysanthemum flowers are sold by the millions at nurseries in fall because they have become a staple for outdoor fall decorating. But, first of all, what you are buying, in this case, are not necessarily cultivars meant to grow locally as hardy mums: They may only be meant to be displayed for a short period.


Plant garden mums too late, and winter freeze-thaw cycles can shove plants out of soil, a condition known as frost heave. Without early planting to permit strong root growth, shallow rooted garden mums don’t really stand a chance. After planting garden mums, don’t forget to water throughout fall.


Pansies. Fall is the best time to plant pansies because the still-warm soil temperatures give their roots time to establish. By planting in fall, you'll get two seasons of enjoyment out of these cool-season favorites. Remove spent flowers so the plant doesn't use its energy to set seeds, and keep the soil moist.