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Shoe a horse by cleaning the hoof, clipping the hoof to the right size, filing it, and then nailing on the appropriate shoe. You need a hoof pick, measuring tape, nippers, a rasp, horseshoes and nails.


The plantation system was a system that divided land in the New World into smaller tracts known as plantations. The plantation system started in Virginia and spread to New England, with plantations growing labor-intensive crops like cotton, rice, sugar cane and tobacco,...


A plantation is a large estate, usually found in tropical or subtropical regions, that is primarily cultivated by unskilled or semiskilled laborers. While plantations are usually self-contained communities, their primary economic venture is the production and exportatio...


A farrier is an equine-foot-care specialist who shoes horses. Farriers trim and shape horses' hooves using tools such as rasps and nippers, and they reshape, adjust and apply horseshoes.


Plantations are large commercial farms that typically grow a singular crop. Examples of common plantation crops include sugar cane, coffee, tea, tobacco, oil palm and rubber.


According to Reference.com, a horse is a four-legged, hoofed, herbivorous mammal with long hair on its neck and a long tail of hair. Horses widely in size, color and breed.


Some historic plantations in Virginia that are open to the public include Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, Weston Plantation in Hopewell and Edgewood Plantation in Charles City. Thirty-three Virginia plantations listed in the National Register of Historic Places, i...