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All plant stems, from the soft herbaceous stems of a tomato to the mighty wood of a mature oak are built out of nodes linked by internodes. Whatever your plant, it is important to understand how to identify its nodes and cut around them while you are pruning or grafting.


Internode – an interval between two successive nodes. It possesses the ability to elongate, either from its base or from its extremity depending on the species. Node – a point of attachment of a leaf or a twig on the stem in seed plants. A node is a very small growth zone.


…the nodes become differentiated and internode lengths increase. Elongation of internodes involves many cell divisions and is followed by cell elongation. At this point, growth in thickness involves some radial cell division and cell enlargement. Read More; structure in plants


All plant stems are linked by nodes and internodes. Nodes are the parts in a plant that connect new stem offshoots with older growth, which can take the form a branch, a leaf, or even a bud. On a cannabis plant, for example, the nodes on the main stem are the areas where the newer branches separate from the main stem of the plant.


The key difference between node and internode is that node is the point on a stem where a leaf or a bud or a branching twig originates while internode is the distance or the area between two adjacent nodes. Nodes help the plant in exposing the leaves to sunlight...internode is important to a plant to maintain and...


The nodes of a plant are found at the base of any growth, such as a leaf bud or branch. There is normally a wider part of the branch or stem. When pruning a plant, it is crucial to cut just above the node on the internode. Cutting the node itself kills that area of the plant.


Internode definition, a part or space between two nodes, knots, or joints, as the portion of a plant stem between two nodes. See more.


Only as the infant plant begins to transition to vegetative growth does the cannabis grower begins to notice nodes and internode spacing. More so, as the vegetative stage progresses. In ordinary decent grower terms, nodes are the intersection or joint between branches and the main stem or between a branch and new secondary shoots.


* Nodes are point of attachment of the leaf to the primary stem. The length of stem between two nodes is denoted as internode: * Each leaf attached to the plant stem characteristically forms an axillary bud in its axil. The axillary buds give ris...


The main difference between node and internode is that the node is the point of attachment of leaves to the stem whereas the internode is the distance between two consecutive nodes. Node and internode are two structural parts found in the stem. The stem is one of the two structural parts of a vascular plant. Nodes bear axillary buds, which can either develop into branches, flowers or cones ...