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Examples of popular sing-along songs for kids include "Amazing Grace," "Farmer in the Dell," "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Frere Jaques." Popular and clean party songs for kids are "Cool" by Alesso, and "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon.


You can stream kids' music at music service sites such as Jango.com and Pandora.com. Both these websites, as well as their accompanying apps, feature the Kidz Bop radio station.


Some good pop music for kids includes Paul Simon’s “Graceland,” The Beatles’ “1” and the “Frozen” soundtrack. These albums feature positive messages and contain few references to inappropriate subject matter.


YouTube, Google Play and KidSongs.com are a few good sources for kids songs. The Super Simple Songs YouTube channel features original kids songs about cleaning up and getting dressed, and it also has well-known songs, such as “The Alphabet Song.” Users can listen for fr...


In a series of studies, Colorado researcher Dorothy Retallick chronicled the effects of different types of music on potted plants. She found that when plants were exposed to jazz and classical music they reacted by leaning toward its source by up to 20 degrees during a ...


To download free songs for kids, navigate to websites such as DreamEnglish.com, FreeKidsMusic.com or FreeSongsForKids.com, select the desired song category, or click on the link for the song directly, and use the Save As option to acquire the song in MP3 format. If ther...


According to Medindia, scientists in South Korea have proven that music does in fact help plants grow faster. Specifically, the scientists found that classical music was most effective.