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According to FIFA estimates, more than 200 countries play the game of soccer. This equates to more than 240 million people playing the sport regularly. Due to the level of participation in the sport, soccer is considered by many to be the world's most popular sport.


Tips for playing high school soccer include being in peak physical condition, playing at a fast pace, and developing advanced skills, such as passing to open spaces and moving effectively without the ball. Maintaining a positive attitude is also important during tryouts, practices and games.


A good way to learn how to play soccer is playing the game with others, either by joining a team or playing informally with a group of people. The player should read the basic soccer rules beforehand to have a general understanding of the game. He should also combine his practice with watching socce


There are many online soccer (or football) games available to play online from websites dedicated to online gaming. Some popular options include Euro 2012 Free Kick, World Cup Penalty, and Goalkeeper Premium.


Some fun online soccer games include “Bola Game” and “1 on 1 Soccer.” Gamers can play both of these Flash games on arcade websites such as Agame.com.


There are many cool soccer games to play online, including "Soccer Pong," "Soccer Star" and "Penalty Fever 3D." These are flash-based games that are free to play.


In “Soccer Physics,” gamers use the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to control a two-man soccer team. The game is available to play for free on arcade websites such as CrazyGames.com. To play, gamers have to download and install the Unity plugin.


As of 2015, US Youth soccer is held in most states between September through November and February through May. Major league soccer holds games from March 6th through October 25th with their playoffs occurring after the regular season and extending into December.


According to the Huffington Post, approximately 265 million people, or 4 percent of the world, plays soccer. This figure only includes those who play organized matches, so it is likely that many more people play the sport in some form. Soccer is the most played sport in the world.


Some fun football and soccer games to play online are Nickelodeon Football Stars, The Champions and Football Heads. The Champions is a soccer game, while the others are football games.