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To find senior discounts, ask businesses because many of them provide senior discounts without advertising about the offers, search online by visiting websites such as SeniorDiscounts.com and Sciddy.com, and join membership organizations, such as AARP. Common discounts available for seniors include


Seniors over 65 – and sometimes younger than 65 but over 50 – can get discounts on restaurant meals, admission prices, membership fees, and store-bought items such as groceries. Seniors may also get discounts for services such as haircutting, dry cleaning and lawn care. For some discounts, an identi


Find businesses that offer senior discounts by asking for them. Many businesses offering the discounts do not advertise them, but businesses from restaurants to the cable company may offer discounts to seniors that ask for them. While businesses sometimes post their discounts online, seniors may hav


Policies on senior discounts for state parks vary by state, but in most states, a discount pass is available to those age 62 or older. Usually these passes can be purchased by mail or through the state's Parks and Recreation website.


Websites such as AARP.org, TheSeniorList.com and SeniorDiscounts.com offer a variety of discounts from businesses specifically for seniors. Each site provides comprehensive information to find the discounts. Only AARP requires a membership.


Find a list of companies that offer senior discounts by going to TheSeniorList.com. This website has two master lists of dozens of companies that offer senior discounts, organized by category. One is from 2014, and the other is from 2015.


The AARP (American Association for Retired People) negotiates senior discounts nationally for its members. Senior citizens with access to a computer or smart phone with Internet access can also locate offers online via several websites dedicated to senior discounts. Many businesses also publicize se


The Senior List and About.com provide lists of discounts available to seniors who are 55 years old. Both lists also include discounts available to seniors of other ages.


Depending on the insurance company, seniors may qualify for a host of senior driver discounts, including mature driver discounts, low-mileage discounts, retired military member discount and discounts for taking a special senior driver training course. Seniors may also qualify for discounts for being


LA Fitness does not offer senior discounts on memberships, as of 2015. Seniors with Healthways Silver Sneakers or Prime Fitness benefits can access participating LA Fitness gyms to engage in special fitness programs.