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Crust Options. The Pizza Hut menu offers several crust options to please a crowd. But while most pizza places offer a variety of similar crust options (thick, thin, etc), no two pizza restaurants have the same crust recipe, so this is where a pizza can really stand out.


So when your family and friends are all craving some Pizza Hut on a Friday night, no need to fret! You can join in the pizza party fun! Pizza Crust and Breadsticks on your mind? Check out some of our top suggestions for keto friendly pizza crust and low carb bread on the market. There are some amazing options to satisfy your carb cravings.


Crust availability, prices, participation, delivery areas and charges, and minimum purchase requirements for delivery may vary. Additional charge for extra cheese may apply.


This delicious crustless pizza was baked in a pasta pan, yummy! Without eating the crust, there are plenty of Pizza Hut keto-friendly options that you can choose from. Some people choose to scrape the toppings off the crust and eat till they are full. I feel like that is a waste of delicious crust.


When selecting healthier options for pizza, registered dietitian Jenn Fillenworth MS, RD, says it starts with toppings, but ultimately depends on the type of crust.With this in mind, she explains that the Veggie Lover’s pizza is by far the best pizza option on the Pizza Hut menu due to its nutritious toppings of assorted vegetables.


These healthy pizza slices fit into any weight loss diet plan. The best options from Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino's and California Pizza Kitchen.


Gluten-Free Pizza is offered in over 2,100 Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide, and we plan to continue to roll it out across the nation based on consumer demand. Please go to pizzahut.com and enter your zip code or address for Delivery or Carryout and look for the Gluten Free tab on the Pizza page, or click here for the full list of stores offering Gluten-Free Pizza.


I worked at Pizza Hut from 1991-2000 and things changed over the course of my time there. They may have changed again in the intervening years, but I tend to doubt it as the newer methods were less labor intensive, hence cheaper, and it is always ...


Order pizza online for fast delivery or carryout from a store near you. View our full menu, see nutritional information, find store locations, and more.


Calling it their "biggest brand evolution ever," Pizza Hut adds ten new crust flavors, five new toppings, four new drizzles, new Skinny Slice Pizzas, eleven new specialty recipes, and a new logo, box, and uniforms starting Wednesday, November 19th, nationwide. You might remember that I mentioned they might be coming out with new pizzas.