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A pivot, also known as a fulcrum, is the point where a load is pivoted. This is a fixed hinge that is connected to the ground.


HowStuffWorks explains that levers work by reducing the force needed to move weights. They achieve this by increasing the distance through which the required force acts. For instance, a 1-kilogram force that acts through a distance of 3 meters is capable of moving a 3-k...


A lever is a simple machine, and it only consists of two material components and two work components. A lever can be made with a beam, or solid rod; a fulcrum, or pivot point; an input force, or effort; and an output force, or load or resistance.


A pivot table is a reporting tool found in Microsoft Excel that allows a user to consolidate large data tables to extract information without using formulas. A pivot table is easy to modify, as it features a drag-and-drop interface that allows the user to view data sets...


A lever is a basic machine people use to move a load around a pivot by applying force. Many common tools, such as scissors, pliers and tongs are types of levers.


To apply a pivot table to a worksheet, first align the data under column headings or table headers. Click any cell within the table of range or cells, and then click Insert and Recommended PivotTables.


An common example of a lever is a see-saw. Some other levers are pliers, crowbars, wheelbarrows, scissors, staplers, fishing rods, tweezers, nut crackers and fishing rods.