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Pit Bulls and Babies. This is a topic that tends to raise eyebrows, especially those of people that do not own Pit Bulls. As a proud Pit Bull owner and a first time parent to my now 2 month old daughter Camille Wynter, I've heard it all from “Oh my gosh!You let that thing around your baby?"


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All I can say to you is that i have a shitzu cross (former pit owner) and I still make sure I watch her like a hawk around baby. Just never leave them in the room alone together, I always look and the dog is running around with one of their dummies in her mouth (I've had to be a lot more careful) so my worry is that if they're alone she will take babies dummy from her mouth.


jodylehigh/pixabay. According to DogsBite.org, a nonprofit public education website about dog attacks and dangerous dog breeds, of the 31 fatal dog attacks in 2016, pit bulls contributed to 71 ...


I have a pit bull currently with my 4 kids ( 9,7,5,2) she is 2 years old and has grown up around my kids she is very gentle and docile with them. She is super protective over them and will be over the baby as well.


I know pit bulls have a bad rap but they do have a tendency towards aggression and you MUST keep that baby safe. For me that kind of risk is just too high especially with his aggression towards food. Babies love to get into dog food and this could be a real problem once your baby starts crawling.


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