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Pit bulls are widely regarded as one of the most dangerous dog breeds. It has a bite force of 235 pounds which is only 71% of that of the Rottweilers. Despite its negative image, pit bull owners testify to the dogs’ mild temperament. If properly trained and socialized, these dogs can be very loyal friends. 7.German Shepherd Bite Force – 238 PSI


Stories of bullies' super-strong jaws might make great horror film fodder, but science doesn't support them. Research conducted by Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin at the University of Georgia shows that bully breeds don't show any mechanical or morphological differences in jaw structure when compared to other dogs -- nor do their jaws come equipped with locking capabilities.


The Truth About A Pitbull Jaw Pressure. September 15, 2009 by Suzanne. Did you know that Tazmanian Devil have the strongest jaw power of any land creature, with an amazing 5100 psi. A hyena is the second strongest with their jaw strength at 1000 psi. This means that a single bit from either one of these animals can do severe damage to you.


the domestic dog averages about 320 lbs of pressure per square inch. Recently Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic conducted a comparative test between a Pit Bull, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepherd. The Pit Bull had the LOWEST PSI OF THE THREE. The highest pressure recorded from the Pit Bull was 235 lbs PSI. The


5 Dog Breeds With the Most Jaw Strength. The top five domesticated breeds thought to have the strongest jaw are all large dogs known for their bite. They are generally the same breeds attributed with the highest rate of attacks on people, and they are often listed as dangerous dogs. Pit Bull


the reason being that pitbulls are not police dogs, because they have lockjaw. look up the definition of it. but the pitbull has a stronger jaw pressure 2,000 pds. per square inch, more than any ...


When threatened, these dogs can slam their jaw shut with 230 PSI, which is actually stronger than the Belgian Shepherd’s. 19. American Pit Bull Bite Force – 235 PSI. American Pit Bulls are a medium size dog that can hit between 30 to 90 lbs in weight by the time they are adults.


Also, some of those facts about pits and wolves having 2000 and 1500 psi jaw strength is not true. Pit bulls do NOT have 2000 psi, nor 1500 psi, we dont even know what wolves are, but we know it is stronger and its estimated from the discovery channel episode that it is around 1900 psi.


Does a Pit Bull Type Dog "REALLY" have a 2000 PSI Bite Force? ... that pit bull wonted to bite load cell.try to put load cell in another Pit bull and then do the measurements.i had a Pit bull that could open jaws to bite basketball (ears almost touching on the top of the head) and it could puncture that ball with no problem at all.what would be ...


The average bite strength turned out to be 269 pounds of pressure. The Rottweilers were the strongest and topped with 328 pounds of bite pressure. German Shepherds came in second with a 238 measured bite force, and the American Pit Bull Terrier came in third with 235 pounds of pressure. How does that measure compared to cousins in the wild?