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A NASCAR pit crew has six positions, including rear and front tire carriers, rear and front tire changers, jack man, and gas man. NASCAR occasionally allows an extra person who must stay behind the wall but can lean over to clean the windshield or assist the driver.


A NASCAR pit pass is an official document that allows race attendants direct access to the infield. It only provides pit access during the specific times and dates listed on the pass itself.


The money made by NASCAR crew chiefs varies depending on which driver they work for. Jason Myers, crew chief for Carl Edwards, is reported by The NASCAR Insiders to have made $150,000 during the 2008 season. Crew chiefs who work at the cup level often make a half a mill...


According to PilotOnline.com, a two-year contract with a base salary of approximately $110,473 is not unheard of for a pit crew member. Extras, such as a share of prize money and a company car, might also be included.


A NASCAR crew chief will average around $200,000 a year on the job, but the more successful crew chiefs can earn upwards of $1 million a year.


The fastest four-tire pit stop in NASCAR history was four seconds. According to HistoryOrb.com, this record was set on May 30, 1976 by Bobby Unser.


Chad Knaus' salary is not released to the public. Just as NASCAR driver contracts are kept confidential, so are those of crew.