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MSC offers a full line of thread gages for almost any application. MSC's offering includes plug pipe thread gages, screw pitch gages, screw checker gages and more. Browse through MSC's wide variety of gage categories today!


A Thread Plug GO gage checks the minimum major diameter and the minimum pitch diameter size in a part, the NOGO checks for the hole not to exceed the maximum pitch diameter size in a part. All GSG Thread Plug Gages are manufactured to ASME/ANSI B1.2 or B1.16M. All thread plug gages are made of oil hardened Tool Steel.


Ring gauges can help make design engineering work more exacting and can confirm pipe thread accuracy. These ring gages are used in a wide variety of industries, including machine tool, automotive, oil and gas exploration, and other metal working endeavors. Rely on Grainger for precision measuring instruments.


There are three (3) styles of pipe screw thread plug gauges: Straight Threaded Pipe Plug Gages Taper Threaded Pipe Plug Gauges Taper Plain Pipe Plug Gages The NPS (American National Standard Straight Pipe) screw thread pipe plug gages consist of two (2) members, a GO and a NOGO member. They follow the same gauging principles as the working ...


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Thread gages are critical to the validation of correct size of threaded parts. Pipe Thread Gages Thread gages insure that tapped holes meet the requirements of the Class of Fit, for the part tapped.


Using Thread Gages. Using the principles of GO/NOGO gaging for internal threaded parts, a GO thread plug gage checks the minimum major diameter and minimum pitch diameter, and a NOGO thread plug gage checks that the maximum pitch diameter is not exceeded. The GO gage should thread into the part and the NOGO gage should not.


G-Series pipe thread chart (British standard pipe parallel was BSPP & BSPF) and PF-Series pipe thread chart (Japanese pipe parallel).


Inspection Gauges ~ Smth & Thr; Machine Cutting Tools; Machine Tool parts and tooling; ... PT 1-1/2 JIS B 0253 ~ Japanese Ind Std ~ Pipe Thread Ring Gage ~ Gage Assy Co. $95.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. M12 1.25 6g ~ Thread Ring Gage - Go Only - Vermont Gage ... 8-32 UNC-2A ~ Thread Ring SET Plug Gage - Go No/Go ~ .164 ~ Gage Assy ...


Pipe threads used in hydraulic circuits can be divided into two types: • Jointing threads are pipe threads for joints made pressure tight by sealing on the threads and are taper external and parallel or taper internal threads. The sealing effect is improved by using a jointing compound. • Fastening threads are pipe threads where