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Pink Scalp Cause. If you notice that your hair is thinning and the scalp underneath is pink, this can indicate inflammation or a scalp disease, such as scalp psoriasis or dermatitis. Traction alopecia can also cause a pink scalp. Traction alopecia occurs when you have consistently pulled your hair into a style that causes it to break, such as weaving or a tight bun.


Treatment is generally in the form of medicated shampoo, steroid creams or ointments. Lichen planus is a relatively rare condition with an unknown cause, but it is thought to be linked to stress. It can cause pink or red patches on the skin as well as hair loss. Other causes of pink scalp can include unspecific rashes and adverse drug reactions.


Thinning hair with pink scalp can also be a result of chemical treatments or coloring. Sensitive skin and scalp can show allergic reaction to chemicals that manifest in a pink or red-ish inflammation with resulting thinning or loss.


The treatment: Your doctor is going to want a thorough physical done so that any medical problems detected can be treated. Underlying scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis ...


Scalp conditions can be itchy and irritating to deal with, and they may even result in hair loss or skin rash. Treatment and outlook depend on the condition that's causing problems. We'll cover ...


I am wondering if this is causing my scalp to be pink or not. My hair has definitely diffusely thinned out even more over the past few months. Can everyone please check there scalps and see if you see any light pink color to it? Please report back on this thread if do your do not have a slightly pink scalp.


Scalp redness and scaling may be seen in these cases. 9) Alopecia areata Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition affecting about 2 % of the population. IT is not typically a cause of scalp redness. The scalp in patients with alopecia areata is usually normal in color but may be pink or peach colored in some cases. 10) Scalp Injury and Trauma


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A red scalp may not only be enraging and embarrassment but can also occur alongside symptoms such itchiness, hair loss, painful sores and more. Many conditions can cause it but most of the causes are treatable. Learn more about causes, symptoms, itchy one, treatments and much more.


Is your hair trying to tell you something about your health? Some medications and conditions affect your hair as well as your body. This slideshow shows what's myth and what's fact when it comes ...