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Piggy Pie Dessert. I was browsing my Grandma’s old church cookbook and came across this recipe. The name is what drew me to it of course! After reading the ingredients I knew that I had to make it. Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, a sweetened cream cheese layer, and the most glorious baked crust that you will ever try.


In a medium bowl, combine chocolate pudding mix with 3 cups milk. Mix well and spread over cream cheese mixture. Spread remaining 1/2 container of whipped topping over pudding. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup chopped nuts.


Piggy Pie Pudding Dessert - So simple. so fun! This old fashioned dessert was made popular at church potlucks and stayed popular for a reason! Pudding Recipes Pie Recipes Piggy Pudding Recipe Pudding Pies Dessert Recipes Kitchen Recipes Cheese Recipes Dessert Ideas Icebox Desserts. More information. Saved by.


RECIPE ️: https://iambaker.net/piggy-pie-dessert/ 🐷 Chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese and the BEST crust you will ever try! This Dessert is a keeper! <3 ...


This Coconut Pie is crazy easy with only 5 minutes of prep! Sweet, buttery, crispy, and am...


Mar 26, 2019- Piggy Pie Dessert - Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, a sweetened cream cheese layer, and the most glorious baked crust that you will ever try.


Download PDF Piggy Pudding became an instant favorite at our house, both for its liberal use of pork products and it’s ridiculously easy preparation. I mean come on, Jiffy mix?!? Sometimes I’ll use Bob’s Red Mill Corn Bread mix for a slightly heartier texture, but come on, Jiffy mix?And bacon?! Could it be any easier?Actually, the original Paula Deen recipe used Brown & Serve sausage, so ...


Get Piggy Pudding Recipe from Food Network. 16 link pork sausages. 4 to 5 tart apples, peeled, cored, and sliced. 1 (7 1/2-ounce) package yellow cornbread mix, batter prepared according to package ...


Spreȧd the chocolȧte pudding over the creȧm cheese mixture. Spreȧd the vȧnillȧ pudding over the chocolȧte pudding. Spreȧd remȧining 1/2 contȧiner of whipped topping over vȧnillȧ pudding. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup mini chocolȧte chips. Sprinkle 1/2 cup-1 cup of heȧth chips; Reȧd more : Easy Lemon Curd Recipe


I am English and have never had figgy pudding, but contrary to what some of you think, I reckon it would be delicious. Although I would be tempted to make a sticky toffee pudding instead and use figs instead of dates and tell my children that that is figgy pudding instead. Steaming stuff is a right pain.