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Some fun things to do in Cleveland include visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or Cedar Point Amusement Park, going to a Cavaliers game at Quicken Loans Arena, and touring the house from "A Christmas Story." The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame features more than 50 exhibits, including Janice Joplin's


A Cleveland Brown is a professional American football player who plays football for the team based in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The team is named after football legend Paul Brown.


Three elementary schools, Valley View Boys Leadership Academy, Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy and Campus International School, are in the top five. The other two, the Intergenerational School and Near West Intergenerational School, are part of the charter school network. Cleveland Early


WebMD and Healthgrades both provide online search tools to help users find a doctor in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. After searching for and identifying the right doctor, users have access to contact information, including addresses and phone numbers, according to both companies.


Some of the common piercing places on the body are the ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue and navel, according to Love To Know Tattoos. The most popular piercing locations are the ears. Many tattoo shops and retail jewelry chains offer professional ear-piercing services as well as other types of pie


As of 2011, the person with the most piercings in the world is Elaine Davidson of the United Kingdom, who claims to have 6,925 piercings, including 192 on her face. The most-pierced man in the world, as of 2012, is Rolf Buchholz of Germany, who has 453 piercings.


Some popular songs by gospel singer James Cleveland include "The Love of God," the song which garnered notice for him within the gospel music industry, and "Peace Be Still," a recording that sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Other popular songs include "The Lord Is Blessing Me Right Now," "Two W


There is a significant generational gap with regard to attitudes about body piercings, according to the Denver Business Journal. Young adults are overwhelmingly positive about body piercings, while those over 40 are more likely to see non-ear piercings as negative.


Cleveland Range makes steam cooking equipment such as cook and chill systems, steam jacketed kettles, braising pans and tilt skillets and industrial-size steamers. This equipment is used primarily by the food service industry.


Surface piercing is when a flat area of skin is pierced as opposed to an area of skin that is convex, is concave or can be pierced through completely, like the ears or nostrils. Unlike a standard piercing that goes directly through the skin, a surface piercing uses a surface bar that follows the pla