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To dress in Italy, opt for clothes with clean lines that fit you well, like button-down shirts for men and capri pants for women. Additionally, choose classy shoes such as boots or ballet flats, since Italians generally frown on wearing things like flip flops in public.


How to dress like an Italian. Italians take great pride in the way they look. Even if just popping out for a pint of milk, they will dress smartly. It all seems so immaculately effortless. Following on from a recent story about a local mayor banning bikinis at the marina in his seaside town, The Local provides some Italian style tips.


Everyone’s heard about Italian fashion—which means some travelers worry about what to pack for their trip to Italy.. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to dress exactly like an Italian, and no one will expect you to!The most important thing to keep in mind is to wear what makes you most comfortable.


- no oversized shirts or baggy trousers. Italians always wear appropriately sized clothing (younger Italians even like to dress slightly smaller than their actual size). - no fanny packs or belt packs. - no over-sized T-shirts, especially not those with big, flashy pictures on them.


What to Wear in Italy in Fall . What is the weather in Italy in Fall (September, October, November)? Autumn does not differ much from spring. Temperatures fluctuate from 15°C/59°F to 24°C/75°F and it rains quite a lot, so what to wear in Italy in September will be different than what to wear in Italy in October.


Italians can spot an American from a mile away; because, well, they are wearing flip-flops. And yes, this is a real thing, Italian’s just don’t wear flip-flops. While in Italy it is important to steer away from these types of shoes, especially if you will be in a big city like, Florence or Milan visiting churches or museums all day. A ...


The best of Italian style, Italian fashion and what to wear in Italy. See more ideas about Viajes, Italian style fashion and Italy trip.


Italians are individuals and do not all dress the same way, although they do tend to dress up a bit more than Americans.I also noted that fashions seem to get to Italy before they get to the US.It really isn't as big a deal as some would have you believe.I would definitely wear comfortable walking shoes and forget trying to look stylish in ...


Sicilian Seduction, Italian style and Hot Rome in on my mind. Today we are going to observe best ideas and tips on how to dress like an Italian woman this year. It's no secret, Italians take great pride in the way they look, walk, eat and dress.


How to Dress Like An Italian Woman. 10 Photos. ... Italian women know that what you wear under your clothes is as important to feeling sexy as what's on the outside.