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There are many different types of ear piercing, which we will be expounding on today. If you are interested in getting one, then make sure to read ahead and get some tips on how to clean it, what to do before getting one, how to manage it, and more! We've also included some pictures for reference.


Here are some of those different types of ear piercings which are bound to get heads spinning. 16. Standard Lobe Piercing. This is the type of piercing that is the most common. The lobe is relatively softer than other parts of the ear. This is probably the first piercing you have as a child or even a teenager.


Ear Piercing for Men Pictures, Types, Left or Right, Best, Ideas, Studs Ear piercing is an ancient cosmetic practice of making a small hole through the lobe or near the edges of the ears. The pierced hole in your ears can allow you to wear the earrings for the purpose of beauty, identity, status symbol, or any other meaning.


The conch is the large expanse of cartilage that forms the back of the ear. A conch piercing is located in the big area of cartilage just above the earlobes and the anti-tragus on the inner ear. A ring or a barbell can be worn on this type of piercing. If selecting a ring, make sure it is large enough to encircle the outer ear.


List of Types Piercings with Pictures. ... Ear Piercing: Ear piercing is one of the most popular types of piercing that is almost owned by young people. Even there are a few countries regard this piercing as the parts of their culture and tradition. To fully heal of this piercing takes six to eight weeks.


Here is an awesome collection of pictures of ear piercings. Later we have discussed about Different types of ear piercings. Ear Piercing is probably the most accepted and most popular. Earlobes could be pierced in different ways and different earrings are worn. Some are deliberately elongated using bigger earrings for this express purpose.


Ear piercings guide: 13 different types of ear piercing you probably want. From helix, to daith to tragus - we explain what they are and how much they hurt...


Now it’s time to try out some unusually cute ear piercings(If you haven’t yet). Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see someone with the multitude of mix n match ear piercings in the same ear itself. Using 12 different types of piercings, you can find more than 24 spots to place your jewelry.


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Ear Cartilage Piercing is a type of body piercing that the advanced customers have learned to become unique. Cartilage is the connective muscle that shape the design of the ears, nose as well as regions around the ribs or between the bones of your joints.