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Australian Animals List With Pictures & Facts: Discover The Amazing Animals That Live In Australia. July 6, 2019 July 5, 2019 by admin. Discover the amazing wildlife of Australia; this Australian animals list has pictures and facts on Australia’s most famous animals (and many of its lesser-known species).


Australia is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of the animals found here are very unique, and are not found anywhere else in the world. This AnimalSake article provides an A-Z list of the native animals of Australia with their pictures.


From cuddly and cute to absolutely terrifying, the animals of Australia are certainly fascinating and unique! It’s one of the very few countries where you’ll find marsupials and egg laying mammals! Below is a list of native Australian animals and some introduced species with a few facts thrown in so you can impress people.

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Related Images: animal australian shepherd australian wildlife dog 377 Free images of Australian Animals. 288 251 35. Koala Animals Mammals. 125 142 53. Australian Shepherd Dog. 44 33 12. Joey Kangaroo Baby. 34 21 13. Lapwing Masked Australian. 22 6 26. Kangaroo Eastern Grey. 17 3 20. Kangaroo Eastern Grey. 14 1 24. Kangaroo Eastern Grey. 11 5 12.


gray koala bear sitting on tree branch during daytime. koala. Animals Images


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Photos from Australia's wildfires show the damage the flames have caused to humans and animals, devastation that could continue for months without the help of multiple heavy rainstorms. On Tuesday ...

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Heartbreaking and heartwarming: animals rescued from Australia's bushfires devastation ... A few have become emblematic images of this year’s terrible fire season. Koalas and Adam.


The horrific wildfires that have been burning across Australia for months now have taken a severe toll on the animals that called the scorched lands home. Estimates of the number of animals killed ...