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The pictures of Bonnie Parker, for example, with a cigar between her teeth, beret on her head and a pistol in her hand, swept across the U.S, earning her the sobriquet: The Cigar-Smoking Gun Moll.


Bonnie Parker. She and her partner, Clyde Barrow, were known as Bonnie and Clyde during a 21 month crime spree in the early 1930s. Police officers killed them both on May 23, 1934.


Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie Parker first met Clyde Barrow through a mutual friend in January 1930, when Bonnie was 19 years old. Barrow, who was 20, was a volatile ex-con and a wanted man who had ...


But Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, reared in the West Dallas slums, may have been their biggest fans. Sure, Depression-era America was enamored with the love-struck outlaws, but Hollywood hype, intense media interest and time have ways of distorting reality.


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This is the open casket viewing photo of Bonnie Parker!


Bonnie Parker's autopsy report. The deaths of Bonnie & Clyde at the hands of the lawmen. After the ambush, Bonnie and Clyde lay dead in the car. Bonnie and Clyde layed out at funeral parlor as soon as they were brought in. Bonnie arrives at funeral parlor. Body of Bonnie Parker is removed from the death car.


Bonnie Parker’s severe leg injuries June 1933: Bonnie Parker, of Bonnie and Clyde infamy, was badly hurt in a car accident during the time they were on the run from the law. The car Clyde was driving crashed down a hill when he tried to avoid a closed road.


Bonnie Parker Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. In Rowena Texas On October 1st, 1910 Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born to Charles and Emma Parker. She was the middle child of the family. She had One younger sister and one older brother. When she was just four years old, her father had passed away. Early life. Bonnie Parker loved poetry and ...


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