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Bonnie Lynn Bernstein is an American executive and sports journalist. Through her career, she was named one of the most prolific and accomplished female sportscasters by the American Sportscasters Association.


A list of all of Robert B. Parker's books is available on his official website, as of February 2015. Books are categorized based on the series, with young adult and other novels categories for those books that were not a part of any series.


According to Robert B. Parker's website, the first book he published was “The Godwulk Manuscript,” which was released in 1973 and began the famous "Spenser" novel series. The next novels Parker published all featured his private investigator character Spenser: “God Save the Child” was published in 1


Robert B. Parker’s best selling novel is “Night Passage,” according to sales rankings on Amazon.com in 2015. “Night Passage” is the first in a series of novels that feature Jesse Stone, a former Los Angeles detective who becomes the police chief in a small Massachusetts town.


Bonnie's costume consists of late 1930s retro fashion, with an A-line skirt, form-fitting top or sweater, and a beret and scarf. Clyde's costume is a pinstriped tweed jacket and pants, white button-down shirt, dress shoes and a fedora.


Professional basketball player William Anthony "Tony" Parker has a listed height of 6 feet 2 inches, or 1.88 meters. Parker plays the position of point guard.


As of September 2015, professional bass fisherman Hank Parker remains married to his wife, Martha. They live in Union County, South Carolina. Parker's nationally syndicated show, "Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine," first launched in 1985 and as of 2015 airs on the Outdoor Channel and Pursuit Channel.


Bonnie Brae is not the name of a person, but instead refers to a popular neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. The Bonnie Brae neighborhood was established by the Associated Industries Company owned by George W. Olinger in the early 1920s and still exists in Denver as a historical landmark.


In the original Marvel comics, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider, erroneously termed as an insect in the original comics, was hit by and absorbed an extraordinary amount of radioactivity. It bit Peter Parker, who was the nearest life form in the exhibit room.


Robert Parker wrote nine Jesse Stone novels: "Night Passage," "Trouble in Paradise" and "Death in Paradise," "Stone Cold," "Sea Change," "High Profile," "Stranger in Paradise," Night and Day" and "Split Image" before he died in 2010. After his death, his widow, children and publisher picked other au