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Some of the different Indian, or Native American, peoples that inhabited North America at one time or another include the Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne and Comanche. Other tribes include the Crow, Navajo, Nez Perce, Pawnee and Shawnee, as well as the Shoshone and Sioux.


Native Americans, often referred to as Indians, live in most states of the United States and in Canada. Some of the areas with large Native American populations include Alaska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Montana.


Indian house names include tipi, wigwam, pueblo, longhouse, plankhouse and earthlodge. These types of houses were found in various places throughout what was to become the United States. Some were more or less permanent, while others were temporary housing for nomadic tribes who often abandoned them


Indian Wells is located in Riverside County, California, and is only minutes away from Palm Springs. Many people know this city for being a desert retreat filled with palm trees, resorts and stunning mountain scenery.


Some of the most common traditional customs upheld in India include the traditional greeting "Namaste," taking off one's shoes inside a person's home and different norms regarding eye contact. Because Indian customs may be very different than one's own, it is important to become familiar with them w


Indians, as in people from India, are considered Asian because their homeland is in Asia; Native Americans, sometimes called "Indians" for historical reasons, are not considered Asian. India is located on a peninsula in southern Asian, bound by the Himalayas to the north.


The Indian Removal Act authorized the President of the United States to resettle Indian tribes who lived east of the Mississippi River to lands west of the Mississippi. Although the resettlement was ostensibly voluntary, the act resulted in war with the Seminole tribe and to the Cherokee Trail of Te


The Indian Ocean spans from the east coast of Africa and south coast of Asia to the west coast of Australia and down to the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean isn't always recognized as an official ocean, so some sources extend the Indian Ocean all the way down to Antarctica.


An Indian reservation is a type of United States federal land reserved specifically for an Indian tribe or multiple tribes that has an agreement or treaty with the United States government. Indian reservation land can also be created as part of an administrative action, federal statute or executive


The diet of the Plains Indians primarily consisted of buffalo meat supplemented with other meats, berries, seeds and edible roots. Some specific foods consumed by these Native Americans included plums, turnips, Camas bulbs, chokecherries and currants, as well as venison, duck, elk and rabbit.