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I like some of the old Lucien Piccard pieces. My watchmaker says that the older ones have quality movements for the most part. The newer ones are junk, but just one of the many instances of an old company going bankrupt and a new company buying the name to slap on crappy watches and obtain instant "history".


Lucien Piccard watches: Classic DNA, Craftsmanship & Style with a Modern Touch. Swiss Tradition since 1923. Explore Lucien Piccard Watches. ... A little boasting is always in order when you discover the superior quality of Lucien Piccard. First, there is a Swiss reputation that began in 1923, giving these collections an illustrious lineage. ...


I want something at least as nice as a Seiko, preferably more like a Tissot. I found a couple I like on Overstock.com for great prices -- heavily discounted. I've found some information on their older watches, which I know are more valuable, but just want to have an idea of how the current watches compare with other current watch manufacturers...


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The answer to “how good” a Lucien Piccard watch happens to be will depend on the actual age of the watch. If you’re shopping for a vintage Lucien Piccard timepiece, then you will find an amazing watch that has been built to withstand the tests of time. ... This is why the Lucien Piccard watches review pages and descriptions are so ...


Supernova Regulator Automatic: This extraordinary timepiece captures Lucien Piccard's distinctive design DNA with its patterned dial featuring individual hour, minutes and seconds subdials along with a date and Sun and Moon Indicator.


If you're new to watches, you may want to consider something a little more versatile than a watch in this style. Unless you're only looking to wear it in a specific context with a certain outfit (i.e. a suit), then by all means go ahead.


If it were me, I woudn't get a Lucien Piccard but still, the value for these watches are very good and they look good. Its not hard to fall in love with the designs regardless of the history of these watches. Any timepiece is always a nice timepiece to keep through your life.


The quartz movements are good quality, but be cautious with the autos. HOW WE REVIEW WATCHES. Our reviews are based on our first-hand experience with the watch. All photos and media are created by us (unless otherwise credited). ... Lucien Piccard 26576SSD Review Conclusion. 45%.


I'm not a purist with much of any consumer goods so most any watch such as LP, Invicta, etc., selling in the $50-150 range is likely 1000 Xs better than the watches I wore for many years that I purchased at Kmart for $10. My current Invicta will likely last at least 10 Xs longer than the last piece of junk I bought for $10 at CVS Pharmacy..