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If taken for prolonged periods with above suggestions, it helps to reduce and maintain the body weight. Exercise + Diet+ Phytolacca Berry tablets. A combination of cutting back on the number of calories you eat and increasing exercise along with safe homoeopathic medication like Phytolacca Berry is the best way to lose weight.


Phytolacca americana, commonly known as pokeweed or American nightshade, produces berries that are poisonous unless prepared in specific ways. Phytolacca berry is available as a homeopathic remedy for weight loss and other purposes; only buy from reputable supplement manufacturers and homeopathic practitioners. Research is scant on the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, according to the ...


Phytolacca berry tablets are a great remedy for weight loss. This homeopathic medicine for weight loss comes without any side effects. It is composed of imported fresh berries of Phytolacca. With prolonged consumption, this weight loss medicine catalyses the process of weight loss. Presentation : Bottle of 20 gm.


Phytolacca berry is being used as a specific prescription for obesity by many Homoeopaths. Many leading pharmaceutical companies promote this drug as a patent by presenting in drops and triturations. The efficacy inferred in obesity and was recomm...


hii im jaya & im 21years old &im a medico i have been suffering from pcod problm since 3yrs nd i gained a lot of weight &symptoms regarding to pcod .. i consulted a gyncologist she prescribed me krimson oc pills it worked for few days didnt cure my pcod &the only way yo control pcod is to lose weight so i consulted a homeo doctor he prescribed me phytolacca berry of (dr.reckeweg ge...


Phytolacca Berry Mother Tincture (Q) is use for Weight loss, fungal infections, tonsillitis, Painful menses, Thyroid.


SBL Homeopathy Phytolacca Berry Tablets are the perfect combination as well as a unique formulation of different homeopathic medicines, which has proved to be the perfect solution for getting rid of the unwanted weight and body posture in the obsessed people.


Phytolacca berry: This is one of the best homeopathic medicine for obesity. This homeopathic remedy for weight loss helps in reducing weight by balancing the hormones and regulating the metabolic processes. Phytolacca berry is an excellent treatment for weight loss.


Phytolacca Berry Tablets , the most trusted Homeopathy medicine for weight loss have been obtaining good results of weight loss without affecting the general health of the ladies who tend to maintain obesity after childbirth. If taken for prolonged periods with above suggestions, it helps to maintain the body weight.


Can phytolacca berry tablets help to lose weight? How many kg i reduce in 1 month?my homeopathic doctor suggested garcinia gambogio homeopathic weight loss drops for weight loss.