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They try to take our jobs, they won’t speak English, they eat strange food with unpronounceable names filled with excruciatingly hot peppers, their music sounds all alike, they are taking over our lovely American automatic telephony with Spanish words, they slaughter roosters in our parks, they carry razor blades in their socks, they use too much Brylcreme™.


Re: Physical Appearance in Spain Many Americans think all Asians look alike, so I am not surprised that they think all Spanish-speaking people look alike too. There are many Latin Americans of mixed Spanish, Native American and Black descent in the US, so it is only natural that they all think that Hispanophones from all over the world look ...


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Zach Frolich discusses the paradigm abroad of the Spanish dark-eyes and hair stereotype, quite opposite to the many physical features that appear in Spain’s different regions. The flamenco scene that follows in the movie is perhaps a bit better (flamenco is actually from the Sevilla region), but ...


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eye shape/color: big expressive round eyes, tendency to have bushy eyebrows. the most common eye colors are dark brown or hazel (mixed green brown). blue and green eyes exist but only represent about 25% of the population hair color/type: dark bro...


They are primarily a Mediterranean people, like Italians, though they seem to be a little bit fairer and perhaps slightly taller. Normally the hair ranges from medium to dark brown, and the eyes are hazel or brown, although there is a surprising amount of light hair and blue eyes through ancient celtic admixture (though probably not often the real white or gold hair of,say,Scandivavians.)


Spaniards are intolerant of other people’s views; criticism of Spain is reserved for the Spanish (who do it constantly) and isn’t something to be indulged in by ignorant foreigners. Since throwing off the shackles of dictatorship in 1975, Spain has resolutely turned its back on the past and embraced the future with gusto.


Spanish people are often friendly when they first meet you. But this "friendliness" should not be misunderstood with trying to help "foreiners" integrate. For example, in the workplace Spanish people are anything but open to foreigners, even if they've lived in the country for most of their lives. They prefer "one of their own".


The Basque people of northern Spain loom large in any attempt to understand the ethnogenesis of European populations. That is because the speak the only indubitably indigenous non-Indo-European ...