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Dolphins are members of the Odontoceti, a suborder of cetaceans - that is, all whales, dolphins and porpoises - that means "toothed whales." There are approximately 40 species of dolphins and all are carnivores, primarily subsisting on fish and cephalopods.


Dolphins are mammals found in the sea and are part of the toothed whale family. They are grey with backs that are darker than the rest of their bodies.


The Earth is the only planet known to support life. Although larger than the other inner planets, Earth is much smaller than the gas giants found in the outer solar system. Earth is a terrestrial planet with liquid water covering roughly 70 percent of its solid surface.


Some physical characteristics of money include durability, portability, divisibility and an inability to be counterfeited or duplicated. Coins are typically made from refined metals, such as gold, copper or nickel, and paper currency is manufactured to ensure bills can ...


White tigers are a sub-species of Bengal tiger, with pigmentation that makes their fur white instead of orange. Male Bengal tigers range from 400 to 550 pounds in weight, but white tigers are often bigger and heavier. The inbreeding of captive white tigers creates a num...


Health Status describes being physically fit as having cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, a good body composition, flexibility and an appropriate body mass index. Physical fitness comes from leading an active lifestyle.


A river is characterized by continuously flowing water from an upland source into lakes, wetlands or the sea. Rivers are fed by tributary streams or springs, and they include a river channel, shoreline and a floodplain.