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The oxygen produced through photosynthesis is released into the atmosphere (in the case of aquatic organisms, into the aquatic environment) and used by organisms for cellular respiration. The importance of photosynthesis to life on Earth cannot be overstated. Photosynthesis directly and indirectly supplies the food we eat and the air we breathe.


What Is Photosynthesis For Kids. What is photosynthesis, and why is it so important? This article, written for kids (& inquisitive adults!), sets out to answer just that question! In a nutshell, photosynthesis is a process that enables plants to get energy from the sun. It may not sound too important when put like that, but when you start to ...


Photosynthesis, generally, is the synthesis of sugar from light, carbon dioxide and water, with oxygen as a waste product. It is arguably the most important biochemical pathway known; nearly all ...


Photosynthesis is one of the most crucial life processes on the Earth. It is not just important for plants, which depend on it for their food, but is equally important for humans. In the following article, we will try to simplify the complex process to make it easier for you kids to understand.


Photosynthesis Activity for Kids. Hands-on activities are the best way to teach kids how the process of photosynthesis works. Demonstrate how the sun is necessary for photosynthesis by placing one bean sprout in a sunny location and one in a dark location. Both plants should be watered regularly. As students observe and compare the two plants ...


Kids learn about the science of photosynthesis. How plants gather energy from the sun by turning sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen using chlorophyll. Parents and Teachers: Support Ducksters by following us on or . History Biography Geography Science ...


Photosynthesis is a vital chemical process not just for plants, but also for humans. Using sunlight, it produces the oxygen we breathe and much of the food we consume.


A team of scientists from ASU's School of Molecular Sciences and Pennsylvania State University has taken us a step closer to unlocking the secrets of photosynthesis, and possibly to cleaner fuels.


The Scientist's articles tagged with: photosynthesis. The modification beefed up plant biomass by 40 percent in field tests. The modification beefed up plant biomass by 40 percent in field tests.


I came across an article the other day that had great 3-D models for use in life science. Two of them were on photosynthesis. The article is from NSTA's middle school journal, Science Scope. It is entitled, "3 D Teaching Models For ALL". The article includes a model for light-dependent photosynthesis reactions and light-independent reactions.