Balance is a photography technique that involves capturing images within a frame so all parts of the image have equal visual weight. Proper balance should increase the visual appeal of a photograph. There are generally t... More »

Astrophysics is a subdivision of astronomy concerned with the structures and properties of cosmic objects in the universe. Astrophysics deals with the physical nature of terrestrial bodies and stars rather than their mov... More » Science Physics

A false color image is an image that uses visible colors to represent portions of the electromagnetic spectrum outside the typical range of vision. This allows the image to provide data that is otherwise invisible to the... More »

Royalty-free stock photography is a collection of images available for use without incurring fees each time the image is used. Royalty-free does not mean the stock photography is free of cost; the user still has to pay a... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Silver bromide is used in photography as a component of an emulsion that helps develop a photographic image. Silver bromide is sensitive to light, and when suspended in gelatin, silver bromide's grains create a photograp... More »

High dynamic range, or HDR, photography is created through the use of special editing software to layer several photos together of the same image taken at different exposure levels. The goal is to produce a single photo ... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Specular reflection allows a person to look like themselves in a mirror, whereas photography uses a convex lens to slow down beams of light to recreate a "real" image of whatever is in front of the lens. Both mirrors and... More »